Woodtron Advance Auto CNC

CNC Nesting | Listed: 11th Apr., 2018

The Woodtron Advance Auto is a fully automatic nesting cell, with simultaneous loading and unloading of panels. This machine is for companies requiring high production and flexibility, fully supported by Woodtron remote support


  • HSD 10kw electro-spindle with high speed 12 position rotary tool change mounted in the head for quick tool change
  • 17 Spindle HSD drilling head
  • NC controlled vacuum zones which are activated from the main control
  • Automatic tool height sensor for ease of setting up tools
  • Safety fencing and photo-eye beams
  • 21" colour monitor with full graphics
  • Customised table sizes as below
  • Automatic alignment of the panel without operator intervention
  • Touch screen or automatic labelling options
  • Woodtron remote support with tilt/pan/zoom camera
  • All the wiring is one loom, meaning that there is no joins to break
  • The base is heavily welded not tack welded


Advance Auto 2712 (table size 2700 x 1200 mm)
Advance Auto 2718 (table size 2700 x 1800 mm)
Advance Auto 3612 (table size 3600 x 1200 mm)
Advance Auto 3618 (table size 3600 x 1800 mm)