Ott Storm Edgebander

Edgebanders | Listed: 25th Oct., 2018

The Ott Storm is a fast and reliable edgebander with the following standard equipment

  • Combi-Melt gluing system foe EVA and PUR with 2.5L container and filling pipe
  • PLC controlled with 18" colour touch screen
  • Pre-milling unit
  • Synchro-Flex top pressure belt system
  • Automatic edge magazine
  • Automatic coil magazine with guillotine
  • Automatic end trim, tiltable 0°/ 3°
  • 3 Trimming combination including Corner rounding and trimming unit, Profile scraper with extraction and Flat scraper with extraction

Options that can be added or changes the standard equipment

  • Spray mist devices with antistatic agent
  • Spray mist device for sensitive edge material
  • Cleaning set
  • Automatic scraper changer
  • Heated infeed guide
  • Infeed slide pusher for panels
  • Coil magazine for 2 coils
  • Pressure zone for reduction of edge waste
  • Automatic 8 edges magazine with height adjustment (Requires the pressure zone)
  • Buffing unit
  • Sanding unit
  • Grooving unit
  • Universal grooving unit
  • Structure brushing unit
  • Universal brushing unit
  • PCD tools for pre-milling Ø 85mm height 62mm
  • Set of quick change motors for standard trimming unit
  • Nesting package
  • Trans-Start, automated infeed aid
  • Preparation for later installation of a panel return system
  • Air cushion table with vacuum generator; to be positioned at feed entrance

Technical Data

Machine length 7800 mm
Minimum panel width 70 mm
Minimum panel length 150 mm
Panel thickness 8 - 60 mm
Feed speed 14 - 20 m/min variable